Worldly Euphoria Tea & Treats Collection: The Pinnacle of Tea Indulgence

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Worldly Euphoria Tea & Treats Collection

Step into a realm of luxury and serenity with the Worldly Euphoria Tea & Treats Collection. Far more than a gift, it's a sensorial expedition that calms the spirit while awakening the palate.

Your journey begins with a curated set of international tea masterpieces by Lifted Cup—tantalize your senses with enchanting flavors like Organic Jasmine Green Tea and Blueberry Green Tea. Craving a robust kick? Savor the Comfort Collection's Authentic English Breakfast. Or perhaps, indulge in the subtle allure of Bentley's Exquisite Earl Grey Green Tea. For the caffeine-averse, our Spearmint Orange Spice Herbal Infusion offers the perfect nightcap.

Yet, the opulence extends beyond the tea. Each basket is laden with decadent accompaniments that perfectly elevate your tea ritual. Surrender to the charm of Cruschelle Cookies imported straight from Italian patisseries, or relish the divine pairing of Terzetto's Salted Caramel Chocolate Cookies. Elevate each sip with a dollop of Pure Natural Honey, and surrender to the irresistible richness of an Italian Chocolate Truffle.

Handsomely presented in a chic black basket box, this collection isn't just a bundle—it's your ticket to a utopia of relaxation and gastronomic splendor. Perfect for occasions that deserve more than just a gift, but a grand gesture.

  • Delicious Shortbread Cruschelle Cookies Imported From Italy
  • Terzetto Bakery Chocolate Salted Caramel Cookies
  • A Small Package of Dolcetto Tuscan Crisps Italian Cheese
  • Delicious All Natural Honey
  • Delicious Italian Chocolate Truffle
  • Lifted Cup Jasmine Organic Green Tea
  • Lifted Cup Blueberry Gren Tea
  • Lifted Elevated Green Tea
  • Spearmint Orange Spice Caffeine-free Tea
  • Comfort Collection English Breakfast Gourmet Tea
  • Bentley's Earl Grey green tea
  • A Black Basket Box