Fille des Maple Leafs de Toronto

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UGS 2132
Des paniers pour bébé comme ce panier pour bébé fille des Maple Leafs de Toronto font une impression éternelle !

Ce panier-cadeau pour bébé comprend :
  • Une boîte de rangement rose super mignonne
  • Pull en coton rose Maple Leafs de Toronto
  • Bavoir pour bébé Maple Leafs de Toronto
  • Paire de pantoufles en cuir des Maple Leafs de Toronto
  • Couverture de réception ultra douce
  • Dormeuse pour bébé Maple Leafs de Toronto
  • Bonnet pour bébé des Maple Leafs de Toronto avec volants

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  • Super Cute Blue Storage Box: A charming and practical storage solution for your little one's treasures.
  • Pink Cotton Toronto Maple Leafs Onesie with Matching Pants and Tutu Dress: Adorably designed for comfort and team spirit, perfect for your little fan.
  • Large Plush Toronto Maple Leafs Blanket: A cozy and soft blanket to keep your baby warm, featuring the beloved team logo.
  • Cotton Baby Bib: Essential for meal times, made from soft cotton for your baby's comfort.
  • Pink Cotton Onesie: An extra onesie for those quick changes, in soft pink cotton.
  • Ultra Soft Receiving Blanket: Perfect for swaddling or cuddling, ensuring your baby feels secure and loved.
  • Two Pairs of Baby Socks: Keep those tiny toes warm with these adorable and soft socks.
  • Toronto Maple Leafs Teddy Bear: A cuddly friend for your baby, wearing the team's colors with pride.
  • Cotton Baby Hat: A soft and comfy hat to keep your little one's head warm.
  • Pair of Anti Scratch Mitts for the New Baby: Protect your baby from accidental scratches with these soft mitts.