Discover Unique Kids' Birthday Gifts with Glitter Gift Baskets

Choosing the perfect gift for a child's birthday can often be a challenge, especially when you're looking for something unique, fun, and engaging. At Glitter Gift Baskets, we've got you covered. As Canada's leading provider of unique kids' gift baskets, we specialize in crafting delightful experiences that kids adore. And the cherry on top? We offer free shipping across Canada!

What can we gift kids for a birthday?

When it comes to birthday gifts, kids appreciate novelty and fun. Our "Super Hero Fun Time Gift Basket for Kids" is an excellent example. This basket is brimming with exciting superhero-themed items that spark the imagination and inspire hours of play.

What to buy a little girl for her birthday?

For the little princess in your life, consider our "Sparkle & Create Unicorn Princess Craft Gift". It's the perfect blend of creativity and magic, offering an array of unicorn and princess-themed crafts that will captivate her imagination.

If she's a fan of cute animals, our "Lil' Kitty Activity Basket" is another great choice. Filled with adorable kitty-themed items and engaging activities, it's sure to keep her entertained and delighted.

What to get a little boy for his birthday?

For boys who love adventure, our "Dino Friends Creative Adventure" gift basket is a fantastic choice. Packed with dinosaur-themed items and creative activities, it's an educational and fun gift that he will love.

If he's into superheroes, our "Turtle Power Creative Fun Gift Basket" is an excellent option. With its blend of superhero-themed items and fun activities, it promises hours of entertainment.

What to get a child with everything?

The "Gilda's Flamingo Unicorn Extravaganza" is an ideal gift for the child who seems to have everything. This basket combines the best of both worlds – the magic of unicorns and the charm of flamingos. It's full of unique items and fun activities that even the most spoiled kids will appreciate.

What do you put in a gift box for a child?

Our kids' gift baskets are carefully curated with a mix of fun and educational items. We include engaging activities, themed toys, and arts & crafts supplies


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