Glitter Gift Baskets: Crafting Unforgettable Moments, One Basket at a Time

Once upon a time in 1989, two tenacious women, fueled by ambition and boundless creativity, embarked on an extraordinary journey. These self-taught entrepreneurs, who also happened to be sisters-in-law, were none other than my mother and my aunt. Together, they laid the foundation of Glitter, a unique gift shop that catered to every occasion under the sun - from housewarmings and weddings to birthdays and holidays.

Their dedication and drive can be traced back to our grandparents, who immigrated to Canada in search of a better life. Through their perseverance, they overcame the trials and tribulations of leaving a war-torn country and starting anew in a foreign land. Their stories of hardship and resilience have been a guiding force for our family, teaching us the importance of hard work and taking pride in our craft.

As the years rolled by, Glitter flourished and evolved, becoming synonymous with the art of creative gift wrapping and packaging. Our childhood memories are painted with vivid colors of time spent at the Original Glitter Retail Store. We, along with our cousins, would be dropped off by the school bus, finishing our homework in the office before diving headfirst into the magical world of Glitter.

It was a delightful family circus, complete with our grandmothers, parents, and the occasional cameo of extended family members during the bustling holiday season. As we worked side by side with our grandmothers, they would regale us with tales from their past, instilling in us the values they held dear. Amidst the laughter and love, we learned the value of hard work, creativity, and customer service.

One of our most cherished memories revolves around our late grandmother, who, up until the age of 88, would visit Glitter Gift Baskets to make bows for the gift baskets. This was her mission, her passion. She wanted every basket that left our facility to have a perfect bow made by grandma. The first thing she would do when she arrived was to inspect any bow that wasn't crafted by her. If it didn't pass her rigorous approval, it had to be redone.

Fast forward to 2006, I found myself juggling university, work, and a newfound passion for e-commerce. That's when a lightbulb moment struck at a family dinner, transforming Glitter into Glitter Gift Baskets. Fusing our family's creative legacy with my marketing expertise, we ventured into the enchanting realm of luxury gift baskets. In that same year, my mother's sister also joined us, further strengthening the family bond within our business.

Today, Glitter Gift Baskets is a family-owned and operated LGBTQ-friendly business, helmed by two incredible women and enriched by the love and support of their son and nephew. Our quirky, heartwarming roots have blossomed into a nationwide online retailer, enabling people from all corners of the world to experience the magic of our handcrafted gift baskets.

Christmas time at Glitter Gift Baskets is nothing short of magical. We fondly refer to it as "Santa's Workshop," where the same dedicated souls who worked with us since 1989 make special cameo appearances to help during the festive rush. Friends and family members stop by to lend a helping hand, bring warm home-cooked meals, or surprise us with an Uber treat delivery. It's a time of togetherness, cheer, and relentless hard work, making each holiday season unforgettable.

Now, as a 40-year-old, I'm blessed to witness the next generation of our family embracing the Glitter Gift Baskets legacy. My godchildren, niece, and nephew come to the store and sit by my side, their eyes sparkling with curiosity and eagerness to learn. One day, they will take my place, and I'll be the one making bows as my late grandmother did, sitting right in front of my desk, passing on the wisdom and knowledge that has been a cornerstone of our family's success. The legacy continues, and our family's passion for creativity, love, and laughter will keep shining through every handcrafted gift basket we create.

Welcome to Glitter Gift Baskets, where love, laughter, and the legacy of two extraordinary sisters-in-law and their courageous parents create unforgettable moments, one basket at a time.