Dino-Friends Creative Adventure

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Dino-Friends Creative Adventure Gift Basket for Kids: Crafts, Cookies & More

Welcome to our Dino-Friends Creative Adventure Gift Basket – a roar-some collection of fun, creativity and yummy treats, making it one of the top gift baskets for kids birthday. Neatly tucked in a bright yellow weaved basket, these goodies promise hours of fun and a handy storage solution.

Let's embark on a prehistoric journey with our Dino and Friends Activity Book, filled with puzzles, coloring, mazes, counting and drawing exercises. It's a Jurassic journey of fun and learning, perfect for a birthday basket for kids.

Next, we've got our T-Rex and Racecar Krafty Kids DIY Diamond Art Kits. Sparkling, shimmering, and oh-so-fun! And hey, we've got a Less-Of-A-Mess 2-Pocket Smock to keep things tidy because we know creative genius can get a bit messy.

Our Krafty Kids paint sticks and a dinosaur-themed painting activity book are all set to color up the day. We've even thrown in a canvas bag to paint and use – just another reason why we are one of the best birthday gift baskets for kids.

Two 10"x10" DIY canvas panels with Mighty Machines and a dinosaur-themed wooden ornament are waiting to be transformed into masterpieces. Are you ready to unleash your inner Picasso?

When it's time for a creative break, we've got delicious shortbread Novellini cookies imported from Italy, and crispy wafers filled with Vanilla Milk Latte Cream. Wash it down with some green dinosaur-themed hot chocolate. Yum!

Whether it's a birthday or a pick-me-up for a little one who's feeling under the weather, this Dino-Friends Creative Adventure get well basket for kid is perfect. With Canada-wide delivery, our basket is ready to bring smiles and creativity to your doorstep!

  • A Bright Yellow weaved Basket great for storage
  • Dino and Friends Activity Book filled with various fun puzzles, coloring, mazes, counting, Drawing and more!
  • T-Rex Krafy Kids Kit: DIY Diamond Art Kit
  • Racecar Krafy Kids Kit: DIY Diamond Art Kit
  • Krafty Kids: Less-Of-A-Mess 2-Pocket Smock
  • Krafty Kids Paint: Poster Paint Sticks Dry-Quick 3pc
  • Dinosaurs Themed Painting Activity Book, it includes 1 brush and wastercolors… just add water for hours of fun
  • Canvas paintable Bag. A great activity and keepsake
  • Krafty Kids: 10"x10" DIY Canvas Panels 2pc Mighty
  • Dinosaur Themed Wooden Ornament that can be painted and coloured
  • Delicious Shortbread Novellini Cookies Imported From Italy
  • Italian Crispy Wafers filled with Vanilla Milk Latte Cream by Baloco an Italian Family Company since 1921
  • Green Dinosaur Themed Hot Chocolate by Gourtmet Du Village