The Ultimate 'Nurse-cessity'

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Shimmering Silver Nurse Gift Basket: The Ultimate 'Nurse-cessity'

Ever wondered what makes the perfect gift for nurses in Canada? It's not a stethoscope! Presenting our Shimmering Silver Nurse Gift Basket, the cure for boring gift syndrome. Perfect for nurses' week, graduations, and retirements. Or, for when you want to say "I know your job is tougher than a stale biscuit!"

What's Inside?

Say 'hello nurse!' to a large, shimmering silver leather basket that's as practical as it is stylish (just like a nurse, really!). It's like a storage Swiss army knife - but way prettier.

Our Safety First Drink with a Nurse themed wine glass is a reminder that nurses don't just save lives, they can also save you from a dull evening. Doctor's orders? More like nurse's orders!

Our Nourishing Coconut Lilac Hand Cream comes in a stylish silver tube, perfect for dry hands that have washed up more times than a beach towel. Its shea butter content is so nourishing, even your hands will give you a round of applause.

Now let's talk drinks. We don't just have one, but two delicious drink mixes: Pink Strawberry Frose and Sangria by Gourmet du Village. Because after a long shift, who wouldn't want to kick back with a glass of something fruity and refreshing?

Put the "treat" in treatment with our selection of sweet treats. Italian Shortbread Cookies filled with Hazelnut Cream and dipped in milk and dark chocolate are so good, they should be prescription-only. But we won't tell if you don't! And let's not forget Aunt Gloria's Delicious Sugar Cookies and a box of Caramel Popcorn that's popped to perfection.

Perfect for Any Occasion

This gift basket isn't just a nurse survival kit, it's a survival kit for the soul. It's the ideal prescription for nursing gifts for graduation, nurse retirement gift baskets, and a lifesaver when you need a thank you gift for nurses' station. It's also the perfect remedy for finding a gift basket for labor and delivery nurses.

So, put on your gift-giving gloves and make a nurse's day with our Shimmering Silver Nurse Gift Basket. Because the best way to a nurse's heart is through basket!

Order Now! Stat!

Don't flatline on your gift-giving game. Show your favorite nurse some love. Order now!

  • Large Shimmering Silver Leather basket that is great for storage
  • Safety First Drink with a Nurse Themed Wine Glass
  • "Nourishing Coconut Lilac Hand Cream (Coconut scented hand cream in a stylish silver tube. Keep dry hands at bay with this quirky 'Have a nice Day' hand cream tube. Contains shea butter known for its nourishing benefits.)"
  • Pink Strawberry Frose Drink Mix
  • Sangria Drink Mix by Gourmet du Village
  • Yes Studio Well Heeled Foot Patches Help heal your heels
    with this softening foot mask! Aloe works to restore and soothe skin cells,
    while Shea Butter provides deep moisturization.
  • Italian Shortbread Cookie filled with Hazelnut Cream and
    Dipped in Milk Chocolate
  • Italian Shortbread Cookie filled with Hazelnut Cream and
    Dipped in Dark Chocolate
  • Deluxe Nutz Mixed Nuts
  • A Large Box of Delicious Assorted Flaky Truffles ( Milk
    Chocolate, White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate)
  • Aunt Gloria's Delicious Sugar Cookies
  • A Box of Caramel Popcorn