Enchanted Elegance Unicorn

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Enchanted Elegance Unicorn Buddy - The Perfect Addition to a Magical Baby Gift Basket!

Are you searching for a truly enchanting gift that will captivate both the little one and the parents? Look no further than our Enchanted Elegance Unicorn Buddy! Standing at an impressive 16 inches, this plush unicorn is a delightful companion that will bring joy and wonder to any baby girl's life.

**Features that will make you fall in love:**

- 🌈 Playful Coat: Picture this—candy floss pink and cream hues gracefully adorning the Unicorn Buddy, creating a whimsical and magical presence that will capture your heart.
- ✨ Sparkling Eyes: The Buddy's eyes are made of enchanting blue glass, sparkling with joy and radiating warmth, giving your little one a sense of comfort and happiness.
- 🎀 Satin Paws: Soft and delicate satin paws offer a gentle touch, ensuring your baby's comfort during playtime and snuggles.
- 🦄 Spiraling Horn: This unicorn's spiraling, pointed horn adds a touch of elegance and enchantment, making it a truly mesmerizing companion.
- 💫 Luxuriously Silky Mane and Tail: With a luxuriously silky mane and tail, this plush unicorn exudes grace and charm, inviting endless hours of imaginative play.

Complete with an array of carefully curated accessories, this baby gift basket will make any new arrival feel special and loved. Imagine the joy on their face as they discover the delightful surprises within!

**Unveiling the wonders within the basket:**

- 🌟 My Little Pony Tin Lunch Box: Not only can this adorable tin lunch box be used to store keepsakes, but it will also become a cherished accessory for your little one as they embark on new adventures.
- 🦄 Lil Unicorn Themed Baby Bib: Keep mealtime messes at bay with this charming baby bib, adorned with a delightful unicorn theme.
- 🧦 Ruffled Pink Baby Socks: These ruffled pink baby socks add a touch of cuteness and keep those tiny toes snug and warm.
- 🌸 Pink and Lilac Floral Sweatshirt: Dress your little one in style with this pink and lilac floral sweatshirt, designed to make her feel like a true princess.
- 🌺 Pink and Lilac Floral Baby Pants: Complete the adorable outfit with these pink and lilac floral baby pants, providing both comfort and style.
- 👶 Cotton Baby Onesie: Crafted from soft and breathable cotton, this baby onesie ensures your little bundle of joy feels cozy and content.
- 🛌 Luxurious Plush Baby Blanket: Wrap your baby in pure comfort with this luxurious plush baby blanket, offering warmth and security during naptime and cuddles.
- 🐰 Pink Bunny Hooded Towel: Make bath time a delightful experience with this adorable pink bunny hooded towel, ensuring your baby stays warm and cozy after splashing in the tub.
- 🌈 Three Baby Washcloths: These colorful baby washcloths are perfect for gentle cleansing and will make bath time even more enjoyable.
- 🎩 Cotton Baby Hat: Keep your baby's head snug and stylish with this soft cotton baby hat, protecting them from the chill while adding an adorable touch to any outfit.
- 🍼 Ultra Soft Receiving Blanket: Crafted from ultra-soft fabric, this receiving blanket offers a gentle embrace for your precious little one.
- 🌟 Colorful Baby Bib: Add a splash of color and playfulness to mealtime with this vibrant and fun baby bib.
- 🧺 A Large Pink Leather Storage Basket with Handles: This beautiful and practical pink leather storage basket with handles adds a touch