Corporate Godiva Deluxe

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Corporate Godiva Deluxe

Luxury in Every Bite for Your Corporate Connections

Step into a realm of elegance and appreciation with the Corporate Godiva Deluxe, a basket that defines sophistication. Nestled within a shimmering gold vegan leather basket, lies a treasure trove of Godiva's finest.

Discover an indulgent selection starting with the Large Box of Godiva Assorted Chocolate Creations, a showstopper that's more than a treat; it's an emblem of luxury and appreciation.

The Godiva milk chocolate bar with caramel isn’t just a bar; it's a silky journey through caramel bliss, designed to inspire culinary creativity or to be savored as is.

With Godiva Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds and Milk Chocolate Covered Whole Cashews, delight in the perfect harmony of nutty and chocolatey notes, ideal for those momentary escapes from the busy corporate world.

Experience the sublime with Godiva Masterpieces milk chocolate hazelnut oysters, a confection that's not just a chocolate; it's a tribute to fine Belgian craftsmanship.

The Large Bag of Godiva Masterpieces, with its Lion of Belgium chocolates, is not merely a bag of sweets; it's a symbol of heritage and pride, wrapped in creamy milk chocolate with a heart of smooth caramel.

Elevate your corporate gifting with a selection that also includes delectable Italian cookies, crispy waffle wafers, and luxurious butter cookies enrobed in dark chocolate, each item selected to reflect the high standards of corporate gift baskets.

Choose the Corporate Godiva Deluxe for a gifting experience that resonates with prestige, making it the quintessential Godiva gift basket for the discerning professional.

  • Large Glittery Gold Vegan Leather Storage Basket
  • Godiva Assorted Chocolate Creations Large Box
  • Godiva Milk Chocolate Bar with Caramel
  • Godiva Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds
  • Godiva Milk Chocolate Covered Whole Cashews
  • Godiva Signature Milk Chocolate Mini Sticks
  • Godiva Masterpieces Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Oysters
  • Godiva Solid Milk Chocolate Bar
  • Godiva Masterpieces Individually Wrapped Lion of Belgium Large Bag
  • Primacookies Exclusive Line Triple Chocolate Cookies
  • Forum Crispy Waffle Wafers Dipped in Chocolate
  • Assorted Italian Cookies Large Box
  • Caramel Waffle Cookies Box
  • Villa Sapore Luxurious Graffette Dark Chocolate Butter Cookies from Italy
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