Coffee Euphoria

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Coffee Euphoria: The Essence of Festive Indulgence

Savour the Taste of the Holidays

Welcome to a winter wonderland of flavor with the Coffee Euphoria gift basket, a dazzling celebration of Christmas cheer and aromatic warmth. Nestled in a Silver Snowflake Metal Basket, this hamper is the quintessence of a Christmas food hamper, designed to enchant every coffee enthusiast in Toronto.

Immerse in the luxurious taste of Villa Sapore Butter Cookies dipped in velvety dark chocolate, each bite a whisper of Italian decadence. The centerpiece, Coffee Masters Winter Wonderland coffee, offers a freshly ground arabica experience, while the Comfort Collection provides a classic English Breakfast Gourmet Tea, balancing the rich coffee notes.

Green tea lovers will rejoice with the Blueberry Green Tea by Lifted Cup, and the whimsy of the Snowman Poop Hot Chocolate Mix will bring a smile to all. Tantalize your palate with the creamy Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut Cream confections from Master Italian Chocolatier Feletti, alongside the traditional taste of Lotus Biscoff's uniquely caramelized cookies.

From the shores of Greece, the Meligyris pure pine thyme honey adds a natural sweetness to your festive sips, capturing the essence of the Cretan flora. To complete this sensorial journey, indulge in the delicate Italian Chocolate Truffle, a perfect endnote to this symphony of tastes.

The Coffee Euphoria basket is not just a gift; it's an invitation to a Christmas morning filled with serenity and flavor. It's the ideal Christmas gift basket in Toronto, edmonton or montreal or anywhere in Canada for those who savor the joy of the holiday season with every sip.

  • Winter Wonderland Silver Snowflake Metal Basket
  • Villa Sapore Luxurious Graffette Butter Cookies Enrobed in Dark Chocolate (Italian)
  • Coffee Masters Winter Wonderland (Freshly Ground Arabica Coffee)
  • Comfort Collection English Breakfast Gourmet Tea
  • Blueberry Green Tea by Lifted Cup
  • Double Truffle Chocolate Mix (Delicious)
  • Baloco's Italian Crispy Wafers filled with Chocolate Cream
  • Eccellenze by Feletti Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Cream
  • Snowman Poop Hot Chocolate Mix by Gourmet du Village
  • Mangini Candy Bags Coffee Creme Candies (Imported from Italy)
  • Vanilla Milk Latte Cream Italian Crispy Wafers by Baloco
  • Lotus Biscoff Original Cookies
  • Meligyris Pure Pine Thyme Honey (From Greece)
  • Italian Chocolate Truffle (Delicious)
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