Breakfast Treats

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Breakfast Treats Basket

The Quintessential Morning Indulgence

Elevate your morning rituals with Breakfast Treats, a specially curated collection that embodies the essence of a gourmet breakfast. This basket is the epitome of comfort, offering a festive touch to holiday mornings or making for an impeccable corporate gift basket.

Presented in a charming Snowflake Design Basket Box, this selection boasts an array of delightful breakfast staples. Treat your taste buds to the heartwarming Delicious Apple Crumble Mix, and spread the cheer with the exquisite Premium Italian Pure Fig Jam.

Begin your day with a cup of Coffee Masters Holiday Magic, a freshly ground blend that pairs smoothly with the Rocky Road Hot Chocolate Mix for a touch of sweetness. For tea enthusiasts, the Comfort Collection brings a refined English Breakfast Gourmet Tea, and Bentley's Holiday Spice Tea infuses a festive aroma into your mornings.

Each product, from Aunt Gloria's Sugar Cookies to the sophisticated Italian Crispy Wafers, echoes the spirit of the season. The collection is a nod to international flavors, including the likes of Delicious Shortbread Cruschelle Cookies and Laurieri Chocolate Chip Biscotti imported from Italy, ensuring that your holiday gift baskets offer a world of taste.

Opt for Breakfast Treats as your choice of Christmas hampers this season, and gift an unforgettable morning experience. It's more than a basket; it's a passport to a delicious dawn.

  • Neutral Color Snowflake Design Basket Box (Large)
  • Gourmet du Village Apple Crumble Mix (Delicious)
  • Pure Fig Jam (Premium Italian)
  • Coffee Masters Holiday Magic (Freshly Ground Blend)
  • Rocky Road Hot Chocolate Mix by Gourmet du Village
  • Comfort Collection English Breakfast Gourmet Tea
  • Aunt Gloria's Delicious Sugar Cookies
  • Red Velvet Hot Chocolate (Delicious)
  • Italian Crispy Wafers filled with Chocolate Hazelnut Cream by Baloco (Large Bag)
  • Cruschelle Cookies Shortbread (Delicious, Imported From Italy)
  • Barista's Best Cappuccino Drink Mix
  • Assorted Nougat Flavors: Nuts, Cappuccino, Amaretto (Delicious, Imported from Italy)
  • Mangini Coffee Creme Candies (Imported from Italy)
  • Coffee Masters Breakfast Blend (Rich and Smooth)
  • Feletti Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Cream (Eccellenze by Master Italian Chocolatier)
  • Vanilla Latte Cream Italian Crispy Wafers by Baloco (Large Bag)
  • Nutcracker Hot Chocolate Mix by Gourmet du Village
  • Cocoa Truffles (Delicious, Rectangular Box)
  • Laurieri Chocolate Chip Biscotti
  • Italian Chocolate Donut (Delicious)
  • Bentley's Holiday Spice Tea (8 Tea Bags)
  • Italian Chocolate Truffles (Two Delicious)
Box: 22 -C-15