A Chocolate Addiction

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A Chocolate Addiction: An Exquisite Journey of Taste

Introducing 'A Chocolate Addiction', a chocolate lover's dream, elegantly presented in a red crocodile leather basket. Perfect for Christmas gifting or as a sophisticated corporate gift, this basket is more than just a collection of sweets; it's an exploration of the world's finest chocolates.

Luxurious and Memorable

Encased in a stunning basket, ideal for office organization, every piece in this collection tells a story of excellence and indulgence. From the silky smoothness of Italian pralines to the rich, complex flavors of single-origin chocolates, 'A Chocolate Addiction' delivers a gourmet experience that's unforgettable.

World-Class Assortment

  • A Large box of Vergani Delicious Milk Chocolate pralines, a blend of hazelnut cream and crispies, all the way from Italy
  • Exquisite Square Peppermint Truffle Box, a festive delight
  • Deluxe Premium Seashell Chocolates, showcasing the finesse of Italian chocolate-making
  • Willie's Cacao Milk of the Stars Bar for those who cherish premium quality
  • The classic taste of Godiva Chocolatier Solid Milk Chocolate Bar
  • And many more exquisite selections...

With 'A Chocolate Addiction', you're not just giving a gift; you're offering an experience. Ideal for Christmas baskets in Canada or as a refined

  • Rectangular Red Crocodile Leather Storage Basket
  • Vergani Delicious Milk Chocolate Pralines
  • Square Peppermint Truffle Box
  • Deluxe Premium Seashell Chocolates
  • Willie's Cacao Milk of the Stars Bar
  • Godiva Chocolatier Solid Milk Chocolate Bar
  • Eccellenze by Feletti Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Cream
  • Italian Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Cream and Cereals
  • Italian Chocolate Truffle
  • Dark Chocolate Crunch Belgian Chocolates
  • Ghirardelli Caramel Chocolate Square
  • Single Origin Uganda 80% Dark Chocolate
  • 64% Extra Dark Cupido Chocolate Sticks
  • World's Finest Double Chocolate Meltaways
  • Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Ice Wine Dark Chocolate Pillow Box
  • Baci Tube of Chocolate
  • Forum Crispy Waffle Wafers Dipped in Chocolate
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