Shiva Serenity Gift Basket

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Presenting the Shiva Serenity Gift Basket, a compassionate gesture meticulously curated for those navigating through tough times. Packaged in a stylish Black Moc Croc Storage Container, this kosher sympathy gift basket serves as a tangible expression of your empathy, designed to bring comfort during the shiva period.

A touching Memories Last Forever Sympathy Hanging Plaque is included in the basket, offering a poignant reminder of love and remembrance. To provide a bit of sweetness in times of sorrow, we've included a red box of Delicious Ginger Snaps Cookies, and not one, but two boxes of Caramel Waffle Cookies. Each bite into these cookies is a warm embrace, echoing life's enduring sweetness amidst trials.

The Brown & Haley Chocolate Covered Graham is a delightful combination of two favorites: crunchy graham crackers and luscious milk chocolate. Loved by people of all ages, this unique treat adds a note of joy to the shiva gift basket.

For an indulgent experience, the basket also houses a box of Delicious French Truffles and a large box of Chocolat Classique French Truffles. The richness of the cocoa offers a comforting decadence, softening the edges of a hard day.

The journey through the swirl of life is captured in our large box of Pirouline Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Filled Wafers. The harmonious blend of natural cocoa and hazelnut encased in a toasted pirouline wafer is a sensory delight, providing a moment of pleasure amidst the sorrow.

Finally, the basket is rounded off with the simple, yet classic Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Fingers, a kosher delicacy that provides a comforting crunch.

The Shiva Serenity Gift Basket, symbolizing heartfelt condolences, is a beacon of comfort and support during difficult times. Order your kosher sympathy gift baskets today, allowing its compassionate contents to offer solace and peace.

  • Memories Last Forever Sympathy Hanging Plaque
  • A Black Moc Croc Storage Container
  • A Red Box of Delicious Ginger Snaps Cookies
  • A Box of Caramel Waffle Cookies
  • A Box of Caramel Waffle Cookies
  • Brown & Haley Chocolate Covered Graham (A combination of two all-time favorites: graham crackers and rich milk chocolate. No matter what
    age, everyone will love this special treat.)
  • Box of Delicious French Truffles
  • A Large Box of Chocolat Classique French Truffles
  • Large box of Pirouline Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Filled
    Wafers (Indulge in the swirl of life. This flavourful chocolate hazelnut is a perfect combination of finest all natural cocoa with the delicious flavour of hazelnuts wrapped in toasted pirouline wafers. Sealed with pirouline’s signature swirl.)
  • Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread fingers Kosher