Kosher Caring Sympathy Basket

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Experience heartfelt comfort during a time of mourning with our Kosher Shiva Gift Basket, lovingly assembled and available for delivery in Montreal. Crafted in a sophisticated Small Black Moc Croc Storage Box, this shiva basket represents compassion and consolation, making it the perfect choice during the shiva period.

Kickstart your morning with a comforting cup of Starbucks Blonde Roast Coffee, the mellow and soft flavours encapsulating a comforting warmth during difficult times. Coupled with our distinctive selection of cookies, each bite into the Ginger Snaps or Caramel Waffle Cookies will transport you into a world of delight, their flavourful richness an affirmation of life's sweetness amid sorrow.

For the chocolate enthusiasts, the large box of French Chocolate Truffles is an indulgent treat, their velvety smooth texture and rich taste a testament to life's cherished pleasures. Complementing the luscious cocoa are the light and refreshing Fruit Jellies, neatly packed in a small box, adding a burst of fruity vibrancy to the shiva basket.

Finally, our carefully curated Trophy Foods Sierra Mountain Trail Mix offers a nutritious snack, balancing the sweet treats with its mix of crunchy nuts, seeds, and dried fruits.

Embodying thoughtfulness and respect, this Kosher Shiva Gift Basket is the ideal way to express your sympathies and support. Order your shiva basket in Montreal today, and let its soothing contents provide a touch of comfort during this challenging period.

  • A Small Black Moc Croc Storage Box
  • Starbucks Blonde Roast Coffee Mellow and Soft
  • A Red Box of Delicious Ginger Snaps Cookies
  • A Box of Caramel Waffle Cookies
  • A Large box of French Chocolate Truffles
  • A Small Box of Delicious Fruit Jellies
  • Trophy Foods Sierra Mountain Trail Mix