Coffee and Cookie Royale (Kosher)

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Savor the Royal Blend: Coffee & Cookie Basket | Kosher Delights

Savor the Royal Blend: Coffee & Cookie Royale 🍪☕

Kosher Gift Baskets Fit for Kings and Queens

Elevate the holiday spirit or impress your corporate circle with a Starbucks gift baskets that blends luxury and tradition. Coffee and Cookie Royale (Kosher) is more than a gift; it's a royal decree for relaxation and enjoyment. Each sip and bite from this selection promises to be as rich and majestic as a Yuletide carol.

Luxurious Contents with a Timeless Taste

Housed in a shimmering silver basket, perfect for repurposing, this ensemble combines Starbucks' sophisticated blends with gourmet kosher cookies and sweets. An ideal way to say 'Happy Holidays,' 'Thank you,' or 'You're appreciated,' every element in this basket is chosen to warm hearts and spirits.

From the office party to the cozy comforts of home, our Coffee and Cookie Royale is a testament to good taste and warm wishes. With carefully selected kosher contents, each basket weaves a tale of communal tradition, shared moments, and the simple pleasure of delicious flavors.

Order now and make your mark with a gift that's as impressive as it is indulgent. Because when it comes to the art of gifting, the Coffee and Cookie Royale is the masterpiece you need.

  • Shimmering Silver Basket for Storage
  • Starbucks Pike Place Roast Medium Roast (Kosher OU)
  • Zavida 100% Colombian Coffee (Kosher COR)
  • Chocolate Chip Walkers Shortbread (Kosher OUD)
  • Ghirardelli White Chocolate Caramel Square (KOF-K Kosher Supervision)
  • Delicious Fruit Jellies (Rabbi Yechiel Babad (Tartikover Rav)
  • Pure Butter Shortbread Fingers (Kosher OUD)
  • Italian Oven Baked Taralli Sweet Anis Flavored Biscuits (MK kosher)
  • Imperial Nuts Sweet & Savory Bar Mix (Kosher OUd)
  • Caramel Waffle Cookies (KOF-K Kosher Supervision)
  • Crunchy Italian Bread Sticks ( Kosher OU)
Box: 11-R-15