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Discover the Serenity of Tea Supreme

Welcome to a world of tranquility and refined taste with Tea Supreme. This basket is the pinnacle of tea gift baskets, a harmonious blend of luxury and warmth, ideal for corporate gift baskets.

A Sophisticated Sip of Elegance

Encased in an Elegant Vegan Leather Storage Basket, Tea Supreme offers a variety of Bentley's finest teas, each promising a unique sipping experience.

Exquisite Tea Selection for the Connoisseur 🍃

Delight in the soothing notes of Bentley's Lemon Honey Chamomile Tea or the classic taste of Earl Grey Green Tea. The selection extends to Oriental Treasure Green Tea, rich in antioxidants, and the festive warmth of Holiday Spice Tea.

Embark on a sensory journey with Peppermint Candy Cane and Gingerbread Spice Tea, teas that capture the essence of the season. These are accompanied by Mangini Honey Candies and pure, All Natural Honey to sweeten your moments.

Complement your tea indulgence with the delicate Italian Nuvola Chocolate Cloud Coconut Cream Cake and the soft, velvety Nuvola Vanilla Cloud Cake. Indulge further with Italian Chocolate Truffles, Chocolat Classique French Truffles, and more, each elevating your tea experience to new heights.

Tea Supreme is more than a gift – it's a passport to an aromatic retreat, a token of sophistication, and a celebration of the finer things in life. Let this be your perfect gesture for moments that deserve to be cherished. 🫖

  • Elegant Vegan Leather Storage Basket in Bold Black and Gleaming Gold
  • Bentley's Lemon Honey Chamomile Tea (8 Tea Bags)
  • Bentley's Earl Grey Green Tea (8 Tea Bags)
  • Bentley's Oriental Treasure Green Tea (8 Tea Bags)
  • Bentley's Holiday Spice Tea (8 Tea Bags)
  • Bentley's Peppermint Candy Cane Tea (8 Tea Bags)
  • Bentley's Gingerbread Spice Tea (8 Tea Bags)
  • Mangini Candy Bags Honey Candies Imported from Italy
  • Delicious All Natural Honey
  • Delicious Italian Nuvola Chocolate Cloud Coconut Cream Filled Cake
  • Delicious Italian Nuvola Vanilla Cloud with Milk Cream Filled Cake
  • Two Delicious Italian Chocolate Truffles
  • Chocolat Classique French Truffles
  • Villa Saopre Exquisite Ciclamini Chocolate Butter Cookies Coated in Premium Dark Chocolate
  • Delicious Shortbread Cruschelle Cookies Imported From Italy
  • Delicious Chocolate Fudge by Laura Secord
  • Aunt Gloria's Delicious Sugar Cookies
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