Glam-Ma Basket of treats

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Glam-Ma Basket of Treats

This Mother's Day, celebrate the glamorous grandmother in your life with the Glam-Ma Basket of Treats. Designed for the chic and fabulous, this basket is a testament to her timeless elegance and refined taste.

Why Choose Glam-Ma Basket?

Each item in the Glam-Ma Basket is selected to pamper her senses and uplift her spirit. From the decadent chocolates to the exquisite silk flowers, every piece tells her how much she's cherished.

Unwrap the Elegance

The centerpiece, a charming Glam-Ma Mug, is more than just a mug—it's a statement of her youthful spirit and glamorous lifestyle. Accompanied by the finest selection of treats, including Laura Secord's Chocolate Fudge and luxurious Italian chocolates, this basket is her portal to a world of sophisticated flavors and serene mornings.

Perfect for sipping the Lifted Cup Moroccan Mint Green Tea or the Comfort Collection Gourmet English Breakfast Tea, she can start her mornings feeling refreshed and loved. The inclusion of Belgian Chocolate Seashells and gourmet hot cocoa promise cozy evenings filled with sweetness and warmth.

🌸 Celebrate this Mother's Day with a gift that reflects her style: the Glam-Ma Basket of Treats. It's not just a gift; it's an experience that celebrates her fabulous essence every day. 🌸

  • Glam-Ma Mug that reads "A Glamorous woman with grandchildren who is too young and fabulous to be called grandma"
  • Delicious Chocolate Fudge by Laura Secord
  • Lifted Cup Moroccan Mint Green Tea
  • Delicious Italian Chocolate Donut
  • Delicious Italian Nuvola Chocolate Cloud Coconut Cream Filled Cake
  • Comfort Collection English Breakfast Gourmet Tea
  • Delicious Gourmet Hot Cocoa
  • Delicious Belgian Chocolate Seashells
  • Villa Sapore Luxurious Graffette Butter Cookies Enrobed in Dark Chocolate from Italy
  • A Small Bouquet of Beautiful Silk Flowers (Faux Flowers)