Blooming Serenity Spa & Gardening Gift

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Blooming Serenity Spa & Gardening Gift

Delight and inspire your mother with the Blooming Serenity Spa & Gardening Gift, a meticulously curated gift basket that celebrates her love for both relaxation and nature.

Luxurious Self-Care Meets Gardening Bliss 

Imagine the smile on your mother's face as she unearths the Turquoise Weaved Storage Basket, revealing layers of spa essentials paired with a unique gardening experience. This gift is not just a present, but a journey into serenity and blooming joy.

Revitalize and Grow

The heart of this gift lies in its dual experience. Starting with a Wheatgrass Planting Kit and a Daisy Planting Kit, your mother can enjoy the simplicity of planting with easy-to-grow kits that bring life to her space. As she relaxes, the Lily of the Valley Hand Creams will pamper her skin, enveloping her in a scent as delicate as her new blooms.

Indulge in Gourmet Delights

As the garden takes shape, treat her to our selection of gourmet treats. From the Italian-made Ciclamini Chocolate Butter Cookies to Delicious Chocolate Fudge by Laura Secord, each bite is designed to complement her moments of leisure and discovery.

With the Blooming Serenity Spa & Gardening Gift, Mother’s Day becomes an unforgettable experience of nurturing and indulgence. Perfect for any mom who deserves a moment to bloom in her own right.

  • Turquoise Weaved Storage Basket
  • Wheatgrass Planting Kit
  • Daisy Planting Kit
  • Eco Pods
  • Lily of the Valley Brompton & Langley Hand Creams
  • Villa Sapore Exquisite Ciclamini Chocolate Butter Cookies Coated in Premium Dark Chocolate, Italian-Made
  • Delicious Shortbread Cruschelle Cookies Imported From Italy
  • Deluxe Nutz Mixed Nuts
  • Popchips Sea Salt Popped Potato Snack
  • Coconut Margarita Drink Mix by Gourmet du Village
  • Sangria Drink Mix by Gourmet du Village
  • Grand Selection of Yogurt and Honey Infused Premium Italian Cookies
  • Snacktales Square Box Snack Mix
  • Chocolat Classique French Truffles
  • Delicious Chocolate Fudge by Laura Secord